Antique Dentist Chair By The Dental Manufacturing Company DMC


As featured on Salvage Hunters: The Restorers, this antique dentist chair by The Dental Manufacturing Company Ltd or DMC LD as the makers mark shows, has been restored to the highest standard with its life story preserved perfectly. Named in a 1912 company brochure as “The 20th Century Chair”, it was arguably the most advanced of its era due to its telescopic hydraulics, which are in full working order following sympathetic restoration and fully adjustable with height and angle of the chair. The sumptuous leather work retains the character developed over a lifetime and has wear consistent with use and age.

This absolute beauty would make the perfect statement piece either at home, in a man cave, in a museum, or as a fully functioning barbers or tattooist chair in your parlour.

110cm H x 150cm D x 62cm W

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